Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How Much Is Too Much?

Every now and then, we get a chance to see ourselves as others see us. It's not always flattering, as in this exchange between my son and me.

One day, I asked James to run up to my sewing room and bring me a particular group of solid colored fabrics.

Me: They’re neatly folded on a closet shelf, right at your eye level.
Son: (calling from upstairs) Are they bright?
Me: They’re brightish. Think of a muted rainbow.
Son: (handing me a wrinkled wad of bright colors) Is this them?
Me: No, those are hand dyed solids. I wanted regular solids.
Son: (from upstairs again) Are they in a bin?
Me: No.
Son: Are they all rolled up in a bundle?
Me: No.
Son: Are they cut into strips?
Me: No.
Son: Would they be folded up with coordinating fabric?
Me: No!
Son: There’s a neat stack with some other stuff in a shopping bag.
Me: NO!

Finally, out of exasperation, he brought down all the solid colored fabrics he could find--piles and stacks, bins and bags, scraps and kits. He never did find the exact set of fabrics I had been thinking of and we laughed at the absurdity of the situation.

He asked, “Mom, why do you have so much of the same thing?” Is there any point in explaining to him about subtle variances in color or how a hand dyed cotton is softer and needles better than a Kona cotton? No, in his eyes, I am an unabashed fabric hoarder. After seeing my entire stash of solid colored fabrics laid before me, I think he may be right!

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