Saturday, June 16, 2007


“Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…” Not in this heat. Not with this humidity. Not for someone with MS it isn’t! These temperatures sap my strength and stamina, relegating me to a wheelchair. How is it that delicate garden flowers flourish in this heat, whereas I wilt, in spite of the air conditioner and ceiling fan blowing full force?


When my husband was watering the yard this morning, I asked him to take some pictures of the garden. I’ve spent the day cropping photos and fiddling with files, finding an unintentional correlation between the colors in our yard and those I most enjoy using in my quilts. See for yourself.

Monte Negro Asiatic Lily

tThistle, 48" x 48"
Hand Appliqued and Hand Quilted
DJB, 1996


  1. Oh Diane! I LOVE that quilt you made in 1996! The design and colors are perfect! I really, really love it!

  2. Just gorgeous - that quilt is just gorgeous!

  3. the flowers and the quilts are really beautiful!

    How blessed we are with such beauty in the world.

  4. Your quilts are wonderful....but I am loving the color combo of that lily....WOW

  5. Dianne, I really have enjoyed going through your blog. Tonya linked me over to it. Our stashes are almost identical! I also have MS (not that there is any link between those two sentances...) Anyway, I hope the weather cools down a bit for you.