Monday, July 30, 2007

Lavender and Sage

This little quilt goes great with the Russian Sage from our garden. Whoever advised looking to nature for color inspiration was absolutely right. Seeing these photos side by side sure validates my fabric choices.

But, what actually inspired this color combination was a scrap of funky paisley that I found in my scrap bag. It's a vintage print, I'm guessing from the 1950's. I deliberately paired it with green and lavender fabrics of similar value and really like the result--a low contrast blending of understated colors.

A reader asked me if I use patterns for my quilts. No, I generally take a traditional block  and scale it to the size I want. In this case, I only had enough paisley to use as the center of four Variable Star blocks, so the quilt ended up being 10" x 10", just a tiny little color study.


  1. Diane, I really like how subtle and beautiful this one is. When I try for subtle I usually get mush.

  2. this is beautiful, great use of that fabric.
    thanks for answering my question.
    Your blog is very inspirational to me.
    Love your color sense and of course your style of quilts!

  3. I'm a huge fan of low contrast pieces - your quilt does look just like the lavender. Fantastic *s*

  4. I recently visited a lavendar farm in the Cottswolds. I never realized how many different shades of lavendar there are! Immediately upon getting home from the farm I played in my purple and pink piles of fabric.