Tuesday, July 24, 2007

There's a Kind of Hush

Can you imagine how many people spent the weekend reading the last book in the Harry Potter series? It must have set some sort of world record for number of people simultaneously reading the same thing. If the quietude in our home was indicative of other Harry obsessed households, there must have been “a kind of hush, all over the world.”

My boys prepared themselves for the final installment by rereading the entire J. K. Rowling series. They coordinated their efforts perfectly. When volume 7 arrived in Saturday’s mail, volume 6 had just been finished by brother #1 and passed along to brother #2, with the promise not to reveal the climactic ending.

Their silent concentration was only interrupted by the occasional query, “Hey, what page are you on?” and a brief dinner break which fortified them for the long evening ahead. They actually finished their respective books at the same time (1:30 A.M.) and met in the hallway outside their bedrooms to make the ceremonious pass-off.

They’ve remained true to their word. No one read the last chapter first or prematurely “spilled the beans” as to how the saga ends. I can think of few better tests of fraternal loyalty. It’s good to see what honorable young men we’ve raised!


  1. ooh, I'm envious. My husband will get first dibs on the book when it arrives, but I can certainly read it while he's at work.

  2. That sounds great...my sister, who is living with us at the moment is anxiously awaiting my book...husband accidently ordered it "super-saver"...so that we can discuss it. I have only had to yell once or twice when she has threatened me with information. I hope that you have tried this series too!

  3. What great brothers! One of the things I really like about the series is how it reached teenage boys and made it "cool" for them to read. I'm vlunteering at a library summer reading program and keeping the seven 12 year old boys in my group interested/motivated has been a big challenge.

    My book arrived Friday night and I finished it on Sunday.