Sunday, May 4, 2008

Little Faithy

I've won a blog giveaway! Lucy at Quilting with the Past made a twin to her own doll, Little Faithy, and sent her to me all the way from the Netherlands. Apparently, the pattern for the doll included a poem describing Faithy's origins, so I wrote a poem to thank Lucy for her generous gift.

The Face of Faithy

As Lucy stitched this prairie doll for me,
From bits of cloth stained brown, as if by age,
Her thimbled finger, needle, and fine thread
Shaped more than playthings from an olden day.

A flowered frock of unassuming form,
An apron fashioned out of muslin plain,
The bonnet sewn from madder calico,
Did more than clothe a humble faceless frame.

For with each stitch her expert fingers took,
A bond between two faceless women grew.
A friendship formed from stuffing, cloth and thread,
A seaming of two lives through friendship new.

So, when I look upon this prairie doll,
Imbued with love and generosity,
Instead of visage blank and features plain,
It’s Lucy’s face that gazes back at me!

© Diane Burdin, 2008

Thank you again, Lucy, for drawing my name in your blog raffle. I love Little Faithy and think she'll be happy in my home.


  1. Hi Diane,

    What a beautiful poem. You touched my heart! little Faithy found a very good home :-)


  2. I'm so glad that Faithy has come to live with you . . . it's easy to see she's going to be quite happy there *s*

    I had that mysterious 'rating' thing, too. Now it's gone just as steathily as it arrived. I'm glad *s*

  3. Oh I haven't seen that rating thing.

    So fantastic to have Faithy. I loved her the first I saw of her and I do believe she couldn't have arrived in a better home!

    You might consider taking her on your next outing. Simply taking photos of just Faithy on a day out in the sun. Yes. I think that would be grand!

  4. Oh she has such a wonderful new home! Isn't she the sweetest!

  5. She's just perfect in your house!