Friday, July 4, 2008

Fair Is Fair

As parents of more than one child know, what you do for one, you try to do for the other. When one son asked for a jungle quilt made with animal prints, a precedent was set. It didn’t take long for little brother to ask for a quilt of his own. In both cases, I was eager to comply. After all, my children were finally appreciating the quilting they saw me do each day.

William wanted a cowboy theme quilt and the fabrics he picked out were adorable: rodeo cowboys, covered wagons, sheriff’s badge stars. I loved the reds, greens, and browns and continued to gather plaids, checks, stripes and paisleys to round out the collection. But I had no quilt design in mind.

A year later, I found the perfect pattern ~ Cowboy Boots. The boot block required some tedious templates and fussy piecing, yet I never got bored with making them. Choosing new fabric combinations for each cowboy boot was so much fun.

As I assembled the quilt,  even the sashing and cornerstones provided a creative opportunity. Sashing strips were carefully cut from a wavy striped fabric and each cornerstone featured a concho design.

After making 20 boot blocks, there were enough bits of fabric left to piece a spiky barbed wire type border before adding the final border of black stripe.

The search for a suitable backing fabric ended the following year when we were on vacation in Montana. There was just enough of this Native American blanket stripe left on the bolt to back a twin size quilt. Perfect colors, perfect print, perfect souvenir of our Western family trip.

More time passed when I sent the project to Stover Quality Quilting to be completed with their Baptist Fan longarm quilting design.

So, from start to finish, this quilt took three years to complete. And what did my darling boy say when he received this special gift from his mother?

“Mom, I don’t really like cowboys any more!”


  1. Boys will be boys!

    Absolutely amazing quilt, Diane. Sheesh. Brilliant as usual.

  2. It's too cute. Next time make him a quick strippie or coin quilt from and you'll be done in one day.

  3. That is gorgeous! I love the fabric choices. What a cute quilt - just this morning I bought some Alexander Henry fabric - pink with cow girls! - and I'm going to make Abby a cowgirl quilt and me a tiered skirt - and I was going to be boring and do a churn dash - I might have to rethink! :-)

  4. It sounds like a quilt for his first child. Just look you have a grandchild quilt done already.

  5. Wanda's right. Perfect for his child one day. Wonderful quilt!

    Next time, though, sew faster!

  6. It's a beautiful quilt. how can you outgrow cowboys????

  7. Hilarious! The quilt looks wonderful and I drooled over the cowboy fabrics. I am totally living in granola-ville ecotania and I am never going to out grow cowboys!! Love the story, made me smile.

  8. I loved your story and how you told it! Thanks for sharing. Your cowboy quilt is amazing.

  9. ...nothing like quilting for kids...great! and that backing fabric is fabulous.

  10. What a great quilt! I love the border you've put around it and the backing is a fantastic match too!

  11. That is a wonderful quilt...he'll like cowboys again in a few years.

    I gave my "great nephew" a quilt I originally started for my niece. Good thing I made it in yellows and purples instead of pink!