Friday, December 4, 2009

Fun with Barb and...

Have you seen my friend Barb's new blog, Fun with Barb and Mary? It’s a dialogue between two quilty friends who maintain their relationship in spite of one family's move from the East Coast to the Midwest.

Wait a minute... Why does that sound so familiar? Because before there was Barb and Mary, there was Barb and Diane. We had our share of fun too, until one family’s move from Chicago to New Jersey forever altered our quilty friendship.

Diane and Barb, 2002

I wish Barb and Mary well with their new blogging venture. What a great way to stay in touch! As they share news and photos of their projects, quilt shows, bee get-togethers, fabric shopping escapades, holiday decorating and more, you’ll begin to feel like they are your best quilt friends too.

Before her move, Barb and I collaborated on Churn Dash quilts based on this pattern from the January, 2002 issue of Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine. We swapped blocks made from reproduction fabrics. Between us, there were enough fabric combinations that no two blocks are alike.

Click to enlarge

The blocks are 5" and my finished quilt measures 64" x 85". Robyn Saunders of Batavia, Illinois did the machine quilting.

Barb has a very similar "sister" quilt. Read about hers HERE.


  1. What a great story! Isn't it wonderful how you can stay connected through quilting?

  2. oh my gosh I just love this quilt another one to add to my ever growing list!!!!

    cute post!!!!! I saw Barb the other day! were your ears ringing?

  3. Churn Dash is one of my all time favorite blocks and your quilt(s) must be even more wonderful in person! They look huge, too. What a fun friendship and way to celebrate it. Thanks for sharing your "Barb and" story!

  4. Hi Diane!

    I still love my version of this quilt. It was such fun to do this project together. I'm finally going quilt the HOHOHO quilt. It's a poser for me, as I want the words to stand out - wish me luck!

  5. Love those blocks and what a great story to go along with it!

  6. Congratulations! No, this isn't a spam comment telling you half a million dollars is waiting for you in a foreign account if you'll just send "deposit money". You won my quilt!!! I'll post the good news in a few minutes.

  7. Blogging has made it so much easier to keep in touch with friends both near and far - for this I am so very thankful!
    Love that quilt *s*

  8. What a lovely quilt, it's very appealing. I want to do a similar thing with my nine patches. Barb and Mary have a great blog, it's nice to know the connection you have.