Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gilding the Lily, Part 4

With a betrothal announced, I finally had an incentive to get this quilt finished. As usual though, I couldn’t do it myself. That’s what I get for waiting 18 years!

I’ve mentioned my awesome quilt friends before. They’ve come to my rescue many times, finishing ill-fated projects with their expert needle skills. This time, they were particularly generous and agreed to assemble an entire quilt top for me!

What makes their gesture so poignant is that these are the same friends who made my son this baby quilt 23 years earlier. They’ve known James his whole life and put such love into both quilts.

Here are my dear friends Mary, Sheila and Kathy. Ever modest, they insisted on squatting for this photo, to show off more of the quilt.

And here they are again, striking a more glamorous pose. They'll be furious that I shared this photo, but I just love it. Their personalities really shine through!


  1. beautiful~!!~ and look at all of that space for highlighting the quilting~!!~

    btw: i think those friends are definately keepers.


  2. Ah what a beautiful quilt, good for you

    Bravo for your friends. :D

  3. Oh, it's lovely!

    And my mother thinks it's quite striking as well :)

  4. I'm happy you posted the second one, Diane. They look more *themselves* a good way, of course. They are all gems!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog Dianne.

    It's a most lovely quilt and for a very special occasion. Your friends' help make it all the more precious. Round of applause for all! :)

  6. Gorgeous... the quilt and the quilting friends.

  7. Awww, what a heart warming finish--your slim looking friends are sure keepers!!

  8. love it!
    this is such a fun photo for those who really know these fun ladies!
    the quilt is great - a family heirloom for sure.