Saturday, May 4, 2013

No News Is #@% News

As I’ve mentioned before, no news from me generally means things aren’t going particularly well. I’ve been running on empty these past few months, feeling down in the dumps, with very little energy and nothing much to say. I blame the long gray winter for my gloomy attitude, but springtime presents its own set of challenges too.

This week, we had what most people would consider a perfect spring day. The sunshine was gorgeous, but the heat caught me off guard. Temperatures in the low 80’s warmed the house up just enough to send my MS into overdrive. Fists clenched, arms and legs rigid with spasticity, I was virtually paralyzed until my husband came home from work and turned the ceiling fan on to cool me down.

Oh, what a delicate balance is required to keep me functioning. Let me write and post this quickly while the temperature and humidity are low and the stars and planets are aligned!

I’ve got a new springtime quilt to share. It was inspired by one made by Marian Edwards, whose beautiful blog is a must read for anyone interested in antique and reproduction quilts, especially of the small variety.

What struck me about her charming quilt, made from bits and pieces left over from other quilt projects, was that I had similar bits laying around my sewing room:

a single Dresden Plate block,

a few flowers that might look cute as corner blocks,

and some precut strips of 1930’s prints.
(Click photo to enlarge)

It was sheer coincidence that my “bits” were made from coordinating fabrics. They absolutely begged to go into the same little quilt. My friend, Kathy Smith, assembled the pieces, adding her own special touches like the blue and lavener flowers, Rail Fence blocks, and lovely hand quilting.

(Click photo to enlarge)

I've named the quilt Garden Maze, for the labyrinthine pattern created by the strip pieced blocks. It measures 27” square and is backed with the sweetest floral print of jonquils.

I could never bear cutting into this fabric, so it’s nice having a large portion in tact.

Cats really are drawn to quilts like magnets, aren’t they? Our grand kitty planted himself on the quilt as we tried to take pictures. I love the way his little tippy toes rest right at the edge.


  1. Oh, Diane...I am so happy that you have posted. I hate your MS...not nice at all. The quilt with the Dresdan is darling as is your kitty. Hang in there..sending hugs.

  2. love the little 'random sampler' doll quilts~!
    I went for a quick visit to Marian Edwards that didn't turn out to be so quick . . . a wonderful blog that is now on my own sidebar. thank you for sharing.

    in reference to your MS; i am so sorry that it's taken so much from you and i do understand the frustration of getting those stars and planets to align. i've enjoyed this newest post from you.


  3. What a wonderful little quilt. Hope that maybe you are able to share with grandkitty - they do love quilts so very much *s*

  4. this quilt is adorable and so is your kitty. How nice to use up some bits and bobs that are hanging around. Hope your MS calms down soon so you can enjoy spring!

  5. Completely sweet and charming! I'm so glad that quilting by proxy is giving you such pleasure--especially when your MS is not! My kitty always manages to find the exact center of the quilt for her inspection portion of the quilt making :)