Saturday, October 6, 2007

Autumn Has Its Charms

As the weather cools, my husband likes to visit local gardens and arboretums for a little hiking. Like a kid, he gathers souvenir "sticks and stones" along the way. and brings home pockets full of leaves, acorns and buckeyes--lots and lots of buckeyes.

We first heard buckeye folklore from our college professor, Dr. Kenneth Bidle, who always carried a buckeye in his pocket as a "lucky charm." The prevalent belief is that a buckeye increases pocket money. But because of its distinctive (ahem) "nutlike" appearance, some people think it also increases sexual potency. There are even claims that buckeyes prevent rheumatism, arthritis, and headache. Heck, if the buckeye possesses any of those properties, I'll gladly stuff my pockets full!

The red oak leaves and buckeyes from Jim's latest nature hike reminded me of the colors in this Pinwheel doll quilt. I bought it from my friend and former quilt shop colleague, Shari Tischhauser. Don't you love the old buttons Shari stitched to the center of each pinwheel?

Pinwheel doll quilt
 16" x 22"
 made by Shari Tischhauser


  1. We always thought buckeyes where goodluck.I like the small quilt,i have a few also.Wig.

  2. And I thought buckeyes were a peanut butter treat *s*

  3. MMmm, I love Libby's buckeye peanut butter candy she mentioned. My Aunt always made them the best! But I had started out to say I love the pinwheel quilt with the leaves and buckeye on it! Now that is a display!

  4. such a sweet little quilt!

    Thanks, Diane

    xxoo barb

  5. Diane, Thanks for the Buckeye history primer. Most folks around here think that "Woody" Hayes IS Buckeye history.... Apparently you are giving the modern day Buckeyes good luck!

    Love You (in central Ohio)