Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's In The Bag

I really enjoyed reading all the comments on my giveaway post. Several of your names are new to me and I look forward to visiting your blogs soon. Almost to a person, you raved about the cornmeal sack I used to back my little quilt. So, in addition to a packet of fabric, I’ve added a Graue Mill feedsack to the prize. The winner will also receive a souvenir bag of cornmeal and a pamphlet of recipes.

Before we draw the winning name, let me tell you a bit about the mill itself. Graue Mill is the only operating waterwheel gristmill in Illinois. German immigrant Frederick Graue built it in 1852, on a scenic bank of Salt Creek in Oak Brook, Illinois, where its waterwheel continues to power the huge burrstones which grind wheat and corn.

The mill is operational April through early November. I managed to get a hold of them just as they were grinding the last corn for the season. For those of you interested in purchasing cornmeal, they sell bags throughout the winter and also ship. Check their website or call (630) 920-9720 for prices or to arrange for a winter pickup or mail delivery. I did ask if they would sell me an empty feedsack. The price would have been the same as a sack full of meal (which is why I now have a lifetime supply in my freezer).

And now, for the drawing… your names have been placed in the feedsack, jumbled, shuffled, and tossed about… and the winner is…

Jan, now that you're a resident of the Chicago suburbs, you can visit the mill when they reopen next spring. You might enjoy seeing spinning and weaving demonstrations in the museum itself, or enjoy a nature hike along Salt Creek through Fullersburg Woods. Send me your address and I'll get your prize on its way.

Photos of Graue Mill are courtesy of Lyle Hatch, Lisle, Illinois and used with his permission. Check out more of Lyle’s beautiful photography at his flickr site here.


  1. what a lovely prize! The mill certainly looks beautiful in the photos and I just love that they are still stone grinding corn - I have a huge appreciation for well produced good.

  2. How exciting! I've never won a blog prize before and this one is a gem. The feedsack is going to be a wonderful piece to use especially seeing as how I live so close to the mill...and I definitely will check it out, Diane!
    Thank you so much. I've been planning some small reproduction quilts so this is very timely.

  3. I always enjoy your posts. I like your quilt projects
    and your enthusiam for quilting and everything else.
    I also enjoy the photos on your posts.

  4. wow, what a wonderful treat for Jan. I bet that cornmeal is great. Seems like the mill should invest in more sacks so they could sell them as is without the meal at a better price. They'd certainly get buyers.

  5. What a great bit of history and a lovely little extra treat. Congratulations to Jan!

  6. Well how fun is that! hmmm, it has been quite a long time since I made cornbread. I may have to do that this weekend!

  7. Thank you for the fun it was hoping I would winner.... congrats to Jan!

    I enjoy your blog and your neat ideas ie your music and slide show of the blue tulip.