Friday, July 13, 2007

Marimekko Surprise

You may wonder how I decide which quilts to post about next. It's pretty random, really. I use those I can get my family to photograph. Allowing for factors like timing, lighting, setting, mood (of the photographer) and how much groveling I need to do, there can be quite a wait for quality quilt photos.

Today's quilt is up next simply because the pictures are already on my computer. Be forewarned! It's not my usual style or color palette.

It began with a shopping bag left on my doorstep, brimful of Marimekko fabric. These contemporary, decorator weight designs come from Finland and are sold at Crate and Barrel stores. A good friend who worked at C&B left them for me as a surprise!

Who can resist free fabric, even when it veers wildly from your usual style? This print became my theme, mostly because there was enough to use as a border. Let's see, day-glow squares on vibrant orange... What quilt block might work with that?Four Patch? Nine Patch? Both seemed too ordinary, too predictable.

For the unexpected, I turned to the cover of Kaffe Fassett’s Glorious Patchwork for inspiration. Based on that quilt, my wacky orange fabric would actually become a neutral!

I sewed 3”, 6”, 9”, and 12" Square in a Square blocks from some of the brightest fabrics I had ever seen. The challenge was to balance both color and block size throughout the quilt. Near the end, as I ran out of usable bits, it posed quite a challenge!

The finished quilt went to the fabric gifter herself, just in time for her 17th birthday. She loved it!


  1. Amazing ~ I think it's beautiful!

  2. Thanks for the warning Diane! It really did turn out great. What a contrast to your other quilts. I'm so glad you are enjoying the brights. Wanda

  3. Bright and colorful - but so much fun. It looks great.

  4. Wow, these colors are totally nuts. Remind me of my strawberry picking eariler this afternoon.

  5. It's a gorgeous quilt - I LOVE it.

  6. A challenge you met very very well! How wonderful!

  7. LOve this quilt!! Free fabric..GRRRRREAt! I love it, K.F. is my favorite too.