Tuesday, July 17, 2007

First Things First

I have a guilty pleasure (besides coffee, chocolate, and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream). I love doll quilts. They serve no practical purpose other than to make me smile, which they’ve managed to do since making my first one in 1986.

This was it, a basic nine patch in pastel colors. For some reason, I tea dyed the whole quilt when it was finished, perhaps to take some of the "newness" off. It's a trick I learned from the "Little Quilts" gals. A tea bath helps blend the colors and gives your quilt a soft, aged appearance.

Nine Patch
14” x 19”
Machine pieced , hand quilted

Diane Burdin, 1986


  1. Diane, I don't remember ever seeing that one before. There is nothing nicer that a stack of doll quilts. I hope you will show us more. Wanda

  2. I love that little Doll quilt!

  3. hey diane!
    of course I love the doll quilts installment. I have 2 weeks of your blog to catch up now. they all look great.
    LOVED the HP story.....
    after an 8 hour flight and 1 1/2 hour cab ride, Hanna and I went to the new movie sunday night. I went to bed at midnight, or 6am in Rome, where I started the long day......