Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Medallion Progress

Here's a peek at the final border for this medallion quilt. The block is called Corn and Beans. It reminds me of undulating waves. This border will only go on the top and bottom edges to add lenth to the quilt.

I like to select and arrange the light, medium and dark triangles for each block as I go.

A great way to organize all these pieces is with paper plates. I make notes, like measurements and cutting numbers directly on the plates. After laying out the fabric pieces for each block, I stack the plates up for sewing. The pieces stay in place, the stack takes up very little room, and it's easy to carry to the sewing machine.

When I’m finished with one project, I reuse the plates for another. Just be careful if you come to my house for lunch and a bit of sewing. Your sandwich might be served on a plate that’s scribbled with quilt notes!


  1. LOVE THE quilt. Also the plates are a GREAT idea. Thanks!