Friday, October 5, 2007

Gee, Thanks!

Thank you for the kind comments about my Folk Art Button Quilt. It has gotten a lot of interest over the years, and I'm always happy to share its story.

The quilt started as a block exchange between friends. We each chose a motif and then looked to antique quilts, hooked rugs, and folk art for inspiration and patterns. By stitching the same motif for each member of the group, we ended up with identical sets of blocks.

After the exchange, we were free to embellish the blocks and set them together any way we wanted. I added buttonhole stitching and old brown buttons to mine. The idea to offset the appliques with Nine Patches was inspired by this Calico Garden Quilt from the Shelberne Museum’s collection. (A pattern to reproduce that quilt is available from Hoopla Antique Quilt Patterns)

I pulled out all my autumn colored fabrics as well as woven plaids, cutting a 2” strip from each. Rather than sewing strips together as we tend to do in making Nine Patches, I cut the strips into 2” squares. This allowed me more flexibility with color placement. No two blocks are alike. I had enough brown buttons to add one to the center of each Nine Patch.


  1. Such a delicious result from your swap blocks. I left a comment on another blog this morning that about scraps and 9 patches being a match made in heaven . . . I do think that applies here *s* Thanks for sharing your treasure.

  2. Oh, I would love a pattern for this quilt. It's just the kind of quilt I adore! I'm so glad you told us the story behind it. You can reply to this comment to get my email.

  3. i really like your blog and your quilt. also hearing about your family.

  4. Charming. You have so many ideas for the applique blocks.

  5. This has always been a favorite of mine, and can you believe I don't have the pattern? I'd love it -

    hi patti -- nice to meet you at the show.

  6. I love your button quilt! I have used cookie cutters as well for applique patterns. In fact bought some just for that purpose. A lot less calories than cookies!! Barb in Maine