Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hormone Replacement Therapy

As many of you noted in response to my last post, I am blessed with the best of friends. So when my husband left town for 5 days to visit our son at college, I lined up visits with girlfriends. In this estrogen deprived home, it was like hormone replacement therapy.

I sometimes forget just how restorative “girl talk” can be. We laughed and cried, we bitched and moaned (mostly me), we shared secrets and made promises. We ate wonderful meals that my friends prepared, including homemade apple pie and the best pumpkin cookies I have ever tasted. Barb gave me a bunch of dried Bittersweet (my very favorite color) and some autumn plates and napkins. Linda shared a huge box of novels that will keep me busy reading for months. Mary brought a hefty pile of quilts to show, including the sweet log cabin pictured above. Sherry came over at a moment’s notice to snap a few pictures for the blog.

My girlfriends not only know just what I need, they also have the thoughtfulness, compassion and generosity to provide it when asked. As each of them left, we shared a hug and a big “I love you!” Why not call a girlfriend and tell her what she means to you?


  1. Glad you and your friends had a GREAT time.Do it agan soon.I like your blog,keep it up.Wig.

  2. This one made me smile real big.

  3. Oh what fun you had! I had a girls weekend this weekend too! Isn't it great for your spirit! I love your little log cabin. The reds and browns are so wonderful!

  4. Girlfriends can really be just the right medicine *s* Sounds like you had a perfect 'girlie' time.