Sunday, October 14, 2007

It Takes a Village

Please help me celebrate the completion of a needlework project I started 15 years ago! It didn’t actually take me that long to stitch this reproduction cross stitch sampler. But it did take years to bring it to fruition.

The sampler spent more time wadded up in a basket than it did in my hands. And when my hands could no longer manage the tiny stitches worked over a single linen thread, it sat untouched until I found friends who could finish it for me.

My cousin, Lynn, skillfully stitched the few remaining inches and returned the sampler to me last Christmas. Back to its basket it went, waiting to be laundered. Over the summer, my friend, Sheila, washed, blocked and pressed the piece; then took it to the framer. This fall, my dad picked it up from the framer and delivered it to me. It sat propped up against the wall for weeks until I called my neighbor, Barb, who hung the needlework while another friend, Linda, snapped photos for my blog.

You’ll think, upon reading this, that I can’t do anything for myself and you’ll be close to right. It “takes a village” to care for me and my needlework. I’m so grateful for dear friends who shared my enthusiasm for this piece and joy in finally getting it up on the wall.

The original sampler (shown here) was stitched in 1839 by Ann Rayner of West Yorkshire County, England. It was reproduced by Nancy Sturgeon, from Naperville, Illinois, who charted and kitted the sampler for her needlework business, Threads Through Time.


  1. Yes, I believe it! Some of my work takes years to finish, and not because I'm working on it each day. But what a lovely piece it is.

  2. Oh my goodness - it is beautiful! What wonderful friends you have and I'm so glad it is done and hanging up! I love it!

  3. O O OHH it is so beautiflul,gorgeous!

  4. lovely sampler. I'm glad you have such good friends there to help you.

  5. Diane,
    this is beautiful.
    Something I have always wanted to make...a reproduction of an antique sampler.
    THe vase with flowers in the center would make a great applique block.
    I am happy for you that it is hanging in your home now for you to enjoy looking at.
    Kathie in NJ

  6. Oh Diane it's just fantastic! And all the more special by the many hands that helped bring it to the place that you can share it with so many here and for you to enjoy it daily in your home.

  7. yea Diane!
    Congratulations on finishing. The one I started years ago, is still only 1/6th completed......maybe there is still hope for it.

    It looks lovely -

  8. Diane, I'm so happy you have it finished and up on the wall. Think of all the memories you have of all the hands that touched it.

  9. Thanks for posting a comment for me on Crazy mom's blog. I have looked at your blog for the first time and you make so beautiful things. Have you now on bloglines and will be back.


  10. Things are always so much nicer the more love that is put in to them. Your sampler is just full up! Thanks for your kind words does take a villiage, alone we can only do so much!

  11. That is a lovely sampler, and you have lovely friends to help you. That is a wonderful story. Congratulations on having such great people in your life.

  12. It's beautiful! I love the way it's framed too. A celebration is definitely in order I think. You could throw a little party for all the folks who put in time on it. What a lovely memory you have here.

  13. Hi Diane,
    So happy to see Ann Rayner on your blog and very happy to see that you have it hung on your wall! How nice of your cousin to have finished it for you! Hoping you are doing well. I am quilting now as well as stitching and bought a long arm machine. Bye. Nancy Sturgeon