Friday, October 31, 2008


Click for a good laugh!

Well, our weather’s turned out great for trick-or-treating ~ 70 degrees and sunny. We no longer get the caravan of kids we once did. Our neighborhood is maturing and most of the kids are in high school or college now. Nevertheless, we’re armed with 200 pieces of candy. One way or another, I’m sure they will disappear.

This is one of my favorite childhood pictures. It was 1961; I was five years old, dressed as a ghost in a white bed sheet. I remember always wanting a store-bought costume, but Mom made us do with whatever we could scrounge up at home. Maybe it’s just the memories it conjures up, but there’s something about this photograph that seems so indicative of that era. It's like watching an episode of "Mad Men."



  1. Happy Halloween!! Great picture! and I bet great memories

  2. the other kids are so sober. It looks like you were the only one having a good time.

    It was so cute to see the little toddlers dressed up, even though they looked like they didn't know why. No winter coats hiding the costumes this year.

  3. YOu look adorable! hey you had a good time, did it really matter now that you look back?

    Hope you enjoyed seeing the little kiddies last night dressed up.

  4. Happy Halloween! I was 5 yrs. old in 1961 also, so your photo brought back memories of some fun Halloweens. We were lucky to grow up to run around the neighborhood without fear. And what a load of candy we got...makes my teeth hurt just thinking about it. We sometimes bought masks, but otherwise our costumes were handmade also. What fun. thanks

  5. Wow, I was 5 in 1961, too! You and Cheryl and I must be the same age. :) You're the only one smiling in that photo. Love it! Yes, we looked like that back then. Makes me feel like 100 years old!

  6. what a fantastic picture. Such youth, innocence and sweetness. Thanks for sharing it!