Wednesday, October 15, 2008

College Daze

I haven’t been at the computer much lately. My laptop has been commandeered by the family for the college selection process. When I finally get my turn at the keyboard, all I seem to do is read other people’s blogs. It’s so much easier than tasking my brain to write something clever myself!

When last I posted, Lily from Block-a-day commented on a piece of needlework in the background of my photo. It's a needlepoint that goes as far back as our own college days.

My husband started a graduate program at the 
University of North Caroline, shortly after we marriaged.

We left our familiar life in the Midwest,

and the comforting support of family and friends,

to journey southward,

where the countryside was strange (it wasn’t flat)

and people spoke with a drawl (ya’ll).

I bought this needlepoint canvas and tried 
stitching my way out of being homesick during
the three years we lived in North Carolina.


  1. Beautiful needlepoint! What a wonderful thing to ease your mind during that time.

  2. Diane that is beautiful - I'm so glad you shared these close up photos! This style of needlepoint is my absolute favourite - I could fill my home with it. Did you create this pattern yourself? And I can sympathise with the homesickness - I've yet to experience a more powerful sense of feeling lost as when I've been away from my family and familiar landscape. You realise that you even know how the sun feels on your arm in the late afternoon at a particular time of the year when you are no longer there. Such lovely stitches - it is so detailed, at least it must have filled in the days! p.s. glad to see you back :-)

  3. Such a delightful piece . . . it tells your story perfectly *s*

  4. beautiful needlepoint and what a story. Memories ....
    I love having things in my home that spark memories.
    hope all is well

  5. A lovely post and tremendous work. Something to be proud of for sure!

  6. That needlepoint picture is a treasure!

  7. though we live in distant, far separated worlds,i have seen ash trees similar to yours and thought that, at that moment in the year, they glow with a light of their own and stand quite peerless