Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat

In spite of great weather for Halloweenwe were well into the witching hour last night, before anyone rang the bell. Very few trick-or-treaters showed up, so we have loads of candy left. It's fine with me; that’s why we buy our favorites. I’ve paired my morning cup of coffee with a couple Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and think an Almond Joy might go well with cup number two.

Here’s your Halloween treat, a “liberated” log cabin quilt, one of the first things I made after reading Gwen Marston's book, Liberated Quiltmaking

It loosely follows the traditional log cabin format of light and dark strips, surrounding a center square, but the trick to "liberating" it is...

-the “squares” are irregular in shape,

-the surrounding strips vary in width, and aren't necessarily cut straight. 

-the strips don’t follow the traditional sequence of lights on one side and darks on the other.

The hand quilted cable design in the sashing, brings a little order to the chaotic blocks.

Oh, and the sashing is that color!

Liberated Log Cabin
20" x 27"
machine pieced, hand quilted
© Diane Burdin,1996


  1. If you move your photos they are no longer clickable. I found that Blogger is loading mine in reverse order every day now, so I have to reverse the way I load them to have them come out right. I never mover them after they are posted.

    that quilt is the perfect Halloween/fall quilt

  2. I echo what Wanda said. That is exactly what I do and it seems to work well. I love your liberated cabins. Your Halloween sounded like ours. My kids went out for as long as they could possibly stay on their feet. Hubby had to go pick up daughter and friends at 10:00 because they were too pooped to continue on.

  3. I love, love, love this quilt, Diane! Everything about it is *spot on*.
    We had close to 100 kids!!

  4. ooh, leftover candy - that is the danger of Halloween. unless you eat it all yourself before the kids even start arriving ;-) Wonderful quilt - love the cable quilting.

  5. We were really quiet around here too...surprising as I thought it would be really busy being on a Friday night...I bought our favourites too...but will now have to endure the request for candy by the DD1 and the DD2 til Christmas!

    As for your blogger problems...I can remember having that problem too...instead of dragging and dropping your pictures in the composer switch to the html editor and cut and paste the code that references the picture into the position that you want in the post. The code will start with < a href and end in /a > Apparently Blogger are aware of the problem you described and it has something to do with Internet Explorer. Personally I use Firefox and a plugin called Scribefire ( to write and load my blog entries. Hope this helps and if I can be of more help, please just ask.
    TTFN Jane

  6. Love your log cabin blocks! The more funkier, the better!

  7. OK, I love this one even better! I LOVE it! Why is it I always love your quilts?

  8. Wow you made a very nice quilt. I want to do that also some day a wonky log cabin!

  9. This is a gorgeous wonky log cabin, it GLOWS! Love it. :)

  10. love. love. LOVE~! this little quilt Diane~!!~
    i noticed it in the doll quilt show being hosted by Taryn.


  11. loved seeing this beauty again!

  12. Wonderful, wonky little quilt! Love it.

  13. Darling quilt and love the hand quilting.