Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Inside Out



The quilt in the first photo is a log cabin/sixteen patch combination, made by Wanda Hanson of Exuberant Color. I bought it from Wanda through her blog shop, Wandaful Quilts. The piece is small, 24" x 40" and I thought I might finish it as a table runner. If you're familiar with Wanda's work, you'll know the quilt is  more my style than hers.


  1. I pick inside!

    It is even cold today down here in the south. I had to dig out my coat from the back of the closet this morning!

  2. What a contradiction. I too pick the inside! When will it all end?

  3. ahhh inside just looks beautiful
    I think I need to go buy a bunch of daffodils.
    Love the quilt behind the picture
    log cabin but yet I see squares....hhhmmm
    can you tell us about that quilt?
    can we see the whole quilt???
    Hope all is well by you....

  4. I love the way you display the dichotomy of life! You have so much art in you. Now that nice stuff is said - you keep that damn snow to your dern self! It bad enough that we're frozen people in Florida lately.

  5. Well, a study in contrasts fer shur! Looks like a great day to warm up under the sewing table's lights!

  6. Beautiful inside photo!! Daffodils are my favorites!!
    thanks for share them.

  7. We are having crazy weather aren't we!!!

  8. I hope it has warmed up some for you....but we had snow this week too...it was so weird!

  9. I'm sure this was very cold and dreary after such a long and fierce winter - but oh it does look quite magical to me!