Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pioneer Nine Patch

Give a kid a new camera and he'll take pictures of just about anything ~ even Mom's quilts. I wonder how many pictures I can get out of Will before he heads off to college?

The weather has been perfect for outdoor shots ~ mild temperatures, blue skies, billowy clouds, plenty of sun. 

William found a clever backdrop at a nearby corn field. 

I'll settle for heavy shadows if he's willing to climb trees to compose the photo!

Direct noonday sun won't bother me as long as he gets the full quilt in frame. I made this Nine Patch in the early 1990's from 9" blocks, swapped with friends. The Streak of Lightening border adds extra interest.

William sleeps too late to capture the texture of hand quilting with long shadows of early morning light, but enlarge the close-up and you may see my favorite fan design.

I'll probably drive Will nuts with my photo requests over the next few weeks. But he knows how much I appreciate him being my hands and eyes. I'm gonna miss that kid!