Friday, August 28, 2009

Recycled Clothing Quilt-Along

I asked a friend to photograph each of my denim and flannel quilt blocks so I could continue playing with virtual layouts on the computer. The cutting and pasting from one program to another might be tedious for some, but as libbyquilter commented, “It’s much better than having to get down on the floor and arrange multiple times!”

The layout I ended up liking best was what several of you preferred ~ the Straight Furrows set. Its diagonal pattern is not diminished by the scrappiness of the blocks. The effect is strong and masculine, which is just the feeling I was going for (picture the Brawny paper towel guy sleeping under this quilt). The final arrangement of blocks will differ from the photo above as I add new blocks to the mix, but it gives you an idea of where I'm headed.

Visit the Recycled Clothing Quilt-Along to see what others are making from reclaimed garments.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

College Countdown



Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Virtual Quilts

I've been playing around with setting options for my denim and flannel Roman Stripe blocks. Here's a slideshow I made, illustrating several different quilt layouts.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Roman Stripe Blocks

I had several of these Roman Stripe blocks already made when I read about the Recycled Clothing Quilt-Along. Like so many other projects, this one was set aside when MS began interfering with my quilt making. Truth be told, this is the first machine sewing I've done in a couple years. And while I feel like I'm all thumbs, the work itself is very forgiving.

The fabrics for this quilt have come from my family's old or outgrown clothing. The denim is cut into 8" squares. It serves as the background fabric for the block, and also the foundation on which the strips are sewn. I cut flannel strips into three different widths: 3”, 2 ½”, and 2”, but they could just as easily be cut into random widths or all the same size.

Instructions for making this block can be found here. It's a simple sew and flip method, with little or no pinning required.

My son's have given me sideways glances as they come to breakfast in flannel boxers and pajama bottoms. I've been warned not to get too close with a scissor!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Get Cutting

Back in June, Anita at Bloomin’ Workshop described a summer quilt-along that caught my interest. She, and others, have been collecting clothing to make quilts. Everything from thrifted men's dress shirts to outgrown children's clothing is being reused, repurposed and recycled. Why not grab a stack of tee shirts and join the Reclaimed Clothing crusade?

I've been saving old blue jeans for years with the intention of making a quilt. My husband and sons have kept me in constant supply. The only problem is getting them to stop wearing the jeans while the fabric is still functional. Many's the pair that was just too holey and threadbare to be of use.

Denim and flannel are a natural combination, so as collars and elbows wear out of my family’s shirts, I've claimed them as well. A nice assortment of colorful plaids are ready to join the denim in their next incarnation - a quilt.