Monday, August 10, 2009

Roman Stripe Blocks

I had several of these Roman Stripe blocks already made when I read about the Recycled Clothing Quilt-Along. Like so many other projects, this one was set aside when MS began interfering with my quilt making. Truth be told, this is the first machine sewing I've done in a couple years. And while I feel like I'm all thumbs, the work itself is very forgiving.

The fabrics for this quilt have come from my family's old or outgrown clothing. The denim is cut into 8" squares. It serves as the background fabric for the block, and also the foundation on which the strips are sewn. I cut flannel strips into three different widths: 3”, 2 ½”, and 2”, but they could just as easily be cut into random widths or all the same size.

Instructions for making this block can be found here. It's a simple sew and flip method, with little or no pinning required.

My son's have given me sideways glances as they come to breakfast in flannel boxers and pajama bottoms. I've been warned not to get too close with a scissor!


  1. What wonderful memories these blocks will bring to mind in the future!

  2. Not only will it look great but it willbe filled with memories!

  3. ha~!~i've had my family give me that look too~!!!~ when i was working i would always notice the fibers that people were wearing and it got to be quite the joke when i started to go on about how lovely any particular piece of clothing might look in a quilt . . . i would get a certain gleam in my eye and they would just know that i wanted the shirts right off of their backs~!~
    these are wonderfully simple and lovely blocks~!!~ when i first looked at the last photo i thought that you were piecing them together into quite a complex arrangement~!~now i see that you have just fanned them out for us all to see the various blocks~!!~

    you're moving right along on this project and it's very good to hear that you are currently able to use the machine~!!!!~


  4. Now I know what being inspired and lifted up in faith by another quilter is really like.

    I'm not talking about the blocks or the quilt (although your work goes without saying) but I'm focused on the activity you're experiencing.

    My heart is bursting with such hope, Diane. To know this loss and stumble upon it again is such an explosive emotion. I don't even know if I'm expressing myself appropriately and accurately, my feeling being so raw. Hmmm. You know, I just read over this and it's ok. It's raw but it's real. It's truth.

    You have given me so much with this post. Oh so much!

    Jubilant and Hopeful Love, *karendianne.

    (ps: You're beautiful - your posts express it)

  5. These look wonderful, Diane! Good for you to give it a go...and to have such great results!
    I had to laugh about your sons' wariness around you now. :-)

  6. some of those plaids have such a warm glow. wonderful stuff and so happy you were able to do some sewing!

  7. Good for you, keep it going. I am so happy for you.Wig.

  8. LOVELY blocks (and lovlier still that you are making them).

    Your comment about scissors near being-worn clothing reminded me of the Fons and Porter ads with George and the patches cut from his flannel shirts ...

    Love the effect of flannel and denim!