Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I've Got the Power!

After weeks of futzing with our computer and Internet connection, the problem has been resolved…with a new power cord. 

And, yes, the irony of wasting so much time trying to fix something that wastes so much time, is not lost on me!

I double checked the spelling of “futz” in the dictionary and had a good laugh at the example it gave for usage: "spends hours futzing with that computer."


  1. oh man~!~ do i LOVE your new banner~!!!~
    and i'm happy to hear that your computer woes were so easily solved.
    love the new word and think i may do quite a bit of futzing myself~lol~!


  2. love your new picture on the top of your blog
    wow great quilt!!!!
    glad it all worked out and your back on line!
    did you see the little gwen quilt i just made?

  3. Your blog pictures are back, hurray!
    The quilt on your banner I love.
    By definition I don't start my day until
    I've done a little futzing. Thanks for
    the spelling lesson.

  4. *computers* The source of so much information and entertainment . . . . all wiped away by silly troubles that are often easily fixed. Glad to see you are up and running again *S*