Friday, October 23, 2009

Under Construction

Most of you know I spend a lot of time on my computer… a really lot… okay, all day… every day! It’s permanently perched on my lap, with a minimum of four or five tabs open at all times. The Internet is a godsend for someone with MS. It helps pass the time and connects me to the “outside world.” 

So, imagine my angst, that our Internet service is on the fritz. For several weeks, we’ve been getting sporadic signals that waver between excellent and nonexistent.

Naturally, I’m impatient and blow things out of proportion. To my computer programmer husband: “Can you fix it? Can you fix it NOW? What do you mean, you don’t know what’s wrong!” To the Geek Squad: “Can you fix it? Can you fix it NOW? What do you mean it costs $300 just to get started!”

I’m an Internet junky, in need of a fix. Why not just put that $300 toward a new computer and be done with it? Meanwhile, Netzero is sending us a new power cord, speculating that the intermittent service is due to a loose connection.

At any rate, when I’m finally able to post this rant, it will be to tell you that my absence has been due to a technological glitch and not worsening health. I’ve missed you, and look forward to "reconnecting" soon.


  1. so very good to see you posting again and i really do understand~!!~ i too spend a lot of time on the computer and although ours has not completely gone down it's been doing some odd and strangely intermittent tantrum type things . . . we don't have a "geek squad" within 200 miles or so and so are attempting to do all that we can to figure it out . . . only to discover that we may not be quite geeky enough~!~
    anyway, you've been missed and it will be good to have you back posting and showing us what you've been up to while attempting to detox from the computer . . .


  2. I am joyous this morning to find you here. I am frustrated beyond measure to read of your computer difficulties. Blast! I am connecting to your health and wanting to lift your spirits in any way I can. That's my greatest intention since knowing the beast there really isn't a damn thing else I can do. I've checked. If you think of something though, let me know. One thing - even if it's Halloween I still don't thing we should fall in with that Witchy Black Magic eye-of-newt crowd. I don't know though. Adder's fork is on sale this time of year...?

    Silly Love, *karendianne.

  3. Super to see your post. Been there with tech problems
    on my line/internet. Once finding that our neighborhood wild life were chewing our internet
    conections apart. Looking forward to your quilting
    pics. Fan and avid viewer of you blog.