Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I See London, I See France

Some of you may recall the giveaway I won a couple years ago from Lucy of Quilting with the Past II. My prize was this charming primitive doll named Little Faithy.

Well, Faithy arrived at my home rather immodestly dressed, without any undies! Fortunately I had just the solution ~ a pair of hand crocheted bloomers which fit her perfectly.

Does anyone know what these fancy pants were originally intended for? I doubt they were made as doll clothes since there is a crocheted loop at the waistline for hanging. The bloomers are far too small to be used as a hot pad, as so many crocheted oddities were in the 1940’s and 50’s. I thought perhaps they were meant to cover a small sachet pillow for one’s lingerie drawer .

At any rate, I’m happy to finally put them to some use. They’re far too pretty to keep hidden in a drawer. Ironically, the only way of revealing their lacy loveliness is to encourage people to peek under Faithy’s skirt. So much for modesty!


  1. What a perfect use for whatever the bloomers were for. Lucky Faithy.

  2. lol~!!~
    i do wonder what the undies were originally intended for? but wow they're a perfect fit for Faithy~!!~


  3. Wow..... that is a neat undie! Little Faithy deserve it. Didn't realise that I send her over the ocean so 'naked' LOL.

  4. Little Faithy must feel so much better now that she is no longer immodest *S* Hope someone will know the original purpose of her drawers *s*

  5. oh my gosh... what a delightful post. How fun and sweet.