Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Too Much of a Good Thing?

Another year, another doll quilt! This is the beauty my friend, Barb, surprised me with on my birthday this year, a four patch variation made of reproduction prints in those chocolate browns that I love.

Barb and I have swapped several little quilts over the course of our friendship. To be honest, I always thought it was a pretty fair deal ~ you make a quilt, you get a quilt. Granted, Barb gets the short end of the stick from me. Because of my feeble fingers, her little quilts arrive in flimsy form. She still has to quilt and bind them herself, so in retrospect, the exchange isn’t fair at all.

For some reason, I never took into consideration how many other people Barb might be exchanging little quilts with, at least not until I read this post. It features a collection of "smalls" she's made for another of our friends. That’s just one friend. If you add it all up, Barb’s probably made over a hundred doll quilts for other people!

Enjoy these pictures of what I should probably call The Barbara Vedder Commemorative Doll Quilt Collection. A few of the quilts I've shown before, but they really should be enjoyed as a group.

Barb likes to add a surprise on the back of her quilts. Many feature a novelty fabric, sometimes at complete odds with the quilt itself. The fish fabric appears on the back of the Lewis and Clark Medallion, the sock monkeys grace the Puss in the Corner quilt made from reproduction fabrics, and the kitchen print completes the quirky look of the yellow and pink with four patches.

Thanks, Barb! I treasure them all.


  1. Lucky Lucky YOU they are all beautiful
    I always enjoy seeing Barb's quilts ah yes fun backs, I am trying to do more of that lately too
    love the element of surprise!

  2. What treasured gifts . . . . and I bet Barb doesn't feel slighted in the least - your pieces are wonderful!

  3. Oh what fun those are! I want Barb as a friend! Those backs are so fun! I LOVE the housewife one!

  4. wonderful quilts and i always like seeing several grouped together for study.

    i LOVE the four patch with the alternating pink and yellow blocks~!!~ WOW

    sounds like i should be wishing you a happy birthday~!?!~


  5. Oh Diane - How fun to see these!
    Thanks for such a lovely post. Making doll quilts is one of my joys!
    I'm glad that you like them.
    I have to collect yours together for a show and tell post.....I wonder where they all are exactly?

  6. Wow, lucky friend! That's such a terrific thing to do for each other--thanks for sharing all the fun!

  7. You're so lucky. i love these doll quilts makes that I want to make one myself!

  8. over a hundred. wow, that really is amazing. what a generous friend. love the houses and the 4-patch with double pink.