Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kindness of Strangers

Well, it’s happened again! I’ve won another terrific giveaway, this time from LibbyQ at Paper Napkin Poetry. Libby is a talented photographer, multi-media collage artist and needlewoman whose work reveals the often overlooked detail of everyday things. Visit her blog ~ it's a gift in and of itself.

Her prize included an assortment of exquisitely stitched fabric postcards, exotic tea and honey sticks, sweet little packets of wildflower seeds and a luscious chocolate bar. I can’t stop studying, and admiring each hand stitched postcard. The detail is incredible and the longer I look, the more I see. Click each photo for a larger view.

This one is embellished with tiny shells, textural ribbon, feather stitched embroidery and rubber stamping...

fused fabric trimmings, foil...

buttonhole embroidery, tiny french knots stitched
with a single metallic thread, charms...

more hand stitched embroidery,
cute little sticky dots...

rubber stamping, single thread embroidery,
a miniature needle punched topiary inscribed
with the words ”thinking of you” ...

hand embroidery, charms, and a
hidden message ~ "wonder"

The kindness of quilt bloggers like Libbyquilter astounds me. That someone would put so much time, effort and skill into a project, only to offer it to a complete stranger, shows a generosity of spirit that few possess.

Thanks again, LibbyQ. I feel very fortunate to own these little treasures. They won’t be wending their way through the post anytime soon.


  1. the postcards are beautiful and I love the hand stitching. You are right, she is very generous.

  2. The postcards are gorgeous and the attention to deatil is wonderful. I love all the stitching on them. A lovely win, congratulations.

  3. oh they are beautiful, I know you will enjoy them , I agree each one is a treasure.
    Lucky you!

  4. you are so very welcome Diane and it makes me happy to know that they have found their way to a welcoming home~enjoy~!!!~


  5. Those are stunning postcards--so detailed and brimful of craft! Lucky you for sure.