Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cooped Up

I have a confession to make… a pretty embarrassing one. If the results hadn’t turned out so well, I’d never tell you about it. But they did, so I will.

I sent one of my quilts halfway across the country to be photographed by a blog friend with her chickens. As ridiculous as the idea sounds, I had a feeling that Jessica at j.m.b.mommy would agree to it and also embrace the idea as a creative challenge for herself.

But the absurdity didn't stop there! Jessica was pregnant when she said “Sure, send me your quilt.” Two months later found her traipsing through the chicken yard with a brand new baby strapped to her chest, staging and shooting photos of my chicken themed quilt. Somehow, she got her poultry to pose and made my handiwork look great in the bargain.

William and James, post pox.

The quilt is one I made for my boys when they were young and actually had the chicken pox. We were "cooped up" for three weeks, in a house without air conditioning, during a 90+ degree heatwave. Having the chicken fabrics on hand, I was able to make the quilt (and maintain my sanity) without ever leaving the discomfort of our home.

The pattern is "Folk Art Chickens" from Gwen Marston's book, Folk Art Quilts.

Enjoy the brilliance of Jessica's photography by clicking the photo below. When you link to the YouTube video, you can switch to full screen by clicking the arrow icon in the lower right corner.

Never underestimate a featherbrained scheme.
The result might be awesome!


  1. oh my~! i remember that pattern, in fact that whole folk art series by Gwen Marston appealed to me too and i still have the magazines in hopes to create one of my own. (now THAT'S an embarrassing confession~!)

    i love that you had Jessica shoot the quilt in her chicken environment and the results are quite fun~!!~ the video is great.

    not to mention your story about how the quilt came to be~!!~ thanks for the smiles this evening.


  2. Oh I LOVE that quilt! And I LOVE those chickens! The pictures of both of them are so perfect! I've got to make that quilt! I don't think I've ever gone to any lengths like that to shoot a quilt photo!

  3. I just love you Diane! This is the sweetest post. That picture of your boys is so cute. Thanks for letting me do a project with you! We don't have to tell anyone how LONG it took to get your birdies home!! Ha ha ha!

  4. Gosh how fun. What a real treat. I love this quilt, Diane. How neat to learn how it all came into being. I love that label on the back, too. Way to go!!!

  5. Fun, Diane! I have to admit I'm a very boring pic taker. the most I do is try to round up cats and get them to sit still on the quilt. but is that quilt photography or cat photography???

  6. One of my all time favorite quilts - It's fun, funny and has such a great story!
    Reminds me how much I love fan quilting!!
    I have a friend in Chicago with a coop of 4 hens that are laying for her family - funny, huh?

  7. What a fun idea, I thoroughly enjoyed your video!!! Taking the quilt exhibition to a whole new level!!! Your quilt is just wonderful I love it and so beautifully quilted too!!

  8. That is a great story and quilt. Don't think it's strange to go to such lengths for pics at all!

  9. I love your story. Now its an extra special quilt because it has such a great story behind it - with pictures to boot!

  10. Big grin! Love the photos! I was just thinking I needed to get more creative with my blog/quilt photos and here you gave me inspiration....