Monday, February 21, 2011

Primrose Surprise

Chicagoland is in the throes of a “wintry mix” of weather... but this basket full of springtime color reminds me that the gloom won’t last forever. My dear quilt friends brought me the primroses as a birthday gift. Aren’t the colors amazing? They match this quilt so well that I thought I'd share it today.

stitched this little signature quilt 15 years ago for a reunion of friends who were turning forty. Each of us signed a block, commemorating our many years of friendship. 

This unnamed quilt block appears in the book, Remember Me, by Linda Otto Lipsett. According to quilt historian, Barbara Brackman, about 30% of the quilt patterns made before 1900 have been published without names.

The fabrics aren't my usual fare, but I enjoyed working with a brighter palette. The tone on tone prints give the quilt pure colors and subtle textural interest at the same time. I created contrast by setting warm colors (pink, orange, yellow) against cool colors (blue, green). You can see this best in the border, where contrast creates a zigzag design. The cool colors recede into the background while the warm colors advance, creating an almost 3D effect.

Lordy, Lordy, We're Turning Forty!
20" x 25"
machine pieced, hand quilted
© Diane Burdin, 1996


  1. Lovely Primroses!!
    I've always loved this littler quilt.
    Happy Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday, i like your little quilt.wig.

  3. Thankyou for sharing your wonderful little signature quilt! I only know this block from Kathleen's book and it's on my list to make. Yours has really inspired me!!!

  4. Two years ago, I had NO idea what a wintry mix meant. Now I'm right there with you looking for signs of color anywhere I can *s*

  5. The posies do perfectly match the little quilt, isn't that amazing :) Great design lesson, thanks! Happy birthday to you.

  6. wintry mix . . .

    such as six new inches of snow on friday and temps in the upper 40's today~!?!~

    ohhhhhh . . . i'm ready for spring~!~

    your primroses are gorgeous and your signature quilt a perfect counterpart to them.
    thank you for the "light at the end of the (long winter) tunnel" post.

    and i'm wishing you a year full of happiness and love~!


  7. The primroses are gorgeous! And I love the 40 quilt!