Saturday, March 3, 2012

Birthday Quilt

My birthday rolled around again recently. Since I stopped counting and celebrating at 50, I’m often startled when I take the time to do the math ~ 56 this year. How did that happen? One of the few good things about turning another year older is getting a birthday quilt from my friend Barb.

This year’s quilt is a sweet little Shoofly, adapted from the Pink Lemonade quilt at Humble Quilts.

Barb always selects a surprising fabric for the backing, sometimes consistent with the style or theme of her little quilts, but more often than not, something bold, funny, or completely incongruous. This time, it's an exquisite china print.

The quilting is one of my favorite patterns, Teacup or Wineglass quilting, so named for the household implement used to trace the circles (or your preferred beverage while doing so). Barb gives a good explanation of the proper way to approach quilting this seemingly straightforward design. You might think it’s logical to stitch each circle, continuing one to the next where they intersect. But soon, you will reach a dead end. Instead, follow the gentler curve. This diagonal path will allow for a long, continuous line of stitching.

Barb, thanks again for the beautiful birthday quilt. I don’t know how long we’ll be able to keep up the tradition though. After 50, the birthdays seem to come pretty fast and furious!


  1. Oh delightful! Happy birthday to you. :) I totally love your version of Pink Lemonade, too. Hugs to Diane. Hugs. *karendianne.

  2. So pretty. What a great friend! I love the backing.

  3. I'm in it for the long haul, my friend. It's a pleasure to make you a little treasure each year, as I know that you appreciate them.
    I love the little vignette.
    take care..

  4. Beautiful! Happy Birthday *S*

  5. oh you lucky gal~!
    that is such a pretty adaptation of the pink lemonade quilt.
    happy birthday to you . . .


  6. Happy Birthday, Diane!! WOW i LOVE your birthday quilt, it's the sweetest thing, and i'm smitten with the backing fabric & quilting too..simply GORGEOUS!! cheers, Marian