Sunday, August 19, 2012

I'll Show You Mine, If You Show Me Yours

I'm curious about something. As much as we write about quilt making, I seldom see posts about how people actually store their quilts. Wouldn't it be fun to peek at the collections of our quilting friends and see just what they do with quilts that aren't in use? Do they fold them, roll them, hang them, stack them, wad them into balls... Aren't you just a little curious too? I'll show you my storage method, if you'll show me yours. 

At our house, extra quilts are kept in this corner cupboard. Because it’s positioned across from a window, we keep the door closed to protect the quilts from dust and sunlight.

We had the antique wardrobe fitted with shelves so we could fold and stack quilts. The only problem with storing quilts here is that since they're “out of sight,” they’re also “out of mind” and don’t get aired or rotated into use as often as they should.

I inherited another great option for storage and display with an antique china cabinet from my parents’ home. Mom used it to display glassware, but I knew it would look great filled with quilts.

My friends, Sheila and Kathy, offered to arrange the cabinet for me. They hauled armloads of quilts up and down stairs, gently opened each one, shook it out, and let the folds relax a bit. 

It was like an impromptu quilt show, with plenty of “oohs and aahs” for quilts we hadn’t seen in years.

Here, Sheila is folding so fast, she’s just a blur! 

Now I get to enjoy my quilts everyday. Thanks, dear friends, for a job well done! 

When we get together the "show and teill" is amazing! Here's Sheila, sharing a Bow Tie quilt she received from our friend Barbon a very special birthday.


  1. Hi Diane. I try to give them away to folks who need them. My more special and antique quilts are on the bed in my daughter's room...She does not live at home any more. I have plenty on the walls and now that I see your post, also in a closet..gotta get that aired out. You are so lucky to have those kind of friends!

  2. Oh Diane, how lovely. I love seeing all these and I'm really loving that Bow Tie. As for me and how I store them… I'm still making so I don't have much to store. Hee! Hee!

  3. We have quilts on the walls, quilts draped over chair and sofa backs, quilts on beds, quilts on wall racks and floor racks ~ DH says we live in a padded house!

  4. I give them away to family and friends. I put them on the wall. Some are stored in a cradle my husband made for my sons (who are all grown), but as one is expecting a baby soon, I may have to find another place for all those quilts. I keep a pile of them on the cedar chest in the our bedroom.

    My husband used to ask me why we had so many quilts (I've been making them for more than 30 years). He stopped asking when we lost our electric--including heat--for three days one winter and I put six quilts on our bed.

  5. Hi Diane, Well I store them different ways. Folded hanging on the walls, Draped over my Sewing Room door, Draped & folded on the Headboard & Footboard of our bed. I don't have a cabinet to store them in so I have to be creative.But I have to admit I am running out of ideas!