Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Good Ol’ Sandy Claws

Merry Christmas family and friends! I know you’re busy with gifting and feasting and other revelries of the day, but I'd like to share what’s become a favorite part of my festive season, listening to humorist John Henry Faulk's "Christmas Story." His recollection of a special Christmas encounter has become as much a holiday tradition for me as hanging up stockings and decorating the tree.

What was once an annual National Public Radio broadcast is now available online any time, but try listening to the story while you're still in the Christmas spirit. I’ve lovingly dubbed it “Sandy Claws and the Stripedy Candy” because of Faulk’s rich Texas drawl. That’s why I suggest you listen to the story, rather than read it. The dialect adds to its charm. Hope you find ol’ Sandy Claws as endearing as I do!

Monday, December 3, 2012

You’ve Got Mail

A package arrived on my doorstep,

and even though I was expecting it and knew what it contained,

I wasn’t prepared for the color and texture that burst from the box as I opened a quilt from Wanda Hanson.

It’s a Streak of Lightning quilt, the latest of many Zig Zag quilts Wanda has made. I’m crazy about this pattern and watched with interest as her project progressed, finally asking if the quilt was spoken for. It was not, and Wanda graciously gifted it to me.

The hand dyed fabrics sparkle and glow like stained glass and I just can’t decide which combination of vibrant colors is my favorite.

It covers me perfectly from nose to toes and is just wide enough to keep me warm without entangling my arms in extra quilt.

Whether I’m snuggled under the quilt or admiring it from across the room, those colorful zig zags make me smile. Thank you, Wanda, for a gift that warms both body and soul.

  Details and Links

~36” x 63”
~Zig Zag quilt tutorial by Sujata Shah, The Root Connection
~Hand dyed cotton fabrics by Vicki Welsh