Monday, April 18, 2016

Let the Sunshine In!

After a week of glorious sunshine, it's warm enough to throw the windows open and let the fresh air in.  

That’s the first thing my friend Terri does each time she visits ~ opens curtains, blinds and doors to brighten my outlook on things.

I'm grinning like a Cheshire cat to have sunshine on my face and birdsong floating in with the breeze! 

Terri always brings coffee and lunch. We talk nonstop between bites, and before she goes home, she offers to do a little something around the house.

This time, I asked if she'd arrange the flowers she brought so I could enjoy them all week. Terri is used to rooting through the doll quilts too, looking for something to add to her table arrangement. Even a humble quilt like this one sparkles when the sun hits it just right.  

Thanks Terri, for a wonderful visit. You are kind, patient, and always a breath of fresh air. Happy Spring!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Lincoln Memorial

Today is Presidents' Day in the USA and a good opportunity to share this tiny tribute to Abraham Lincoln. My friend Barb at Fun with Barb made it for my February birthday a couple years ago. Barb’s love of history and collecting Americana has inspired her to make several quilts featuring U.S. presidents.

It's a miniature medallion quilt, about 8"x10", with a portrait of Lincoln in the center. The three frames surrounding Abe couldn't be simpler, but because of Barb's savvy fabric choices, they add richness and texture to the piece.

I wonder if Barb had Ford’s Theatre in mind when she selected fabrics for each border or was it coincidence how closely they resemble the infamous scene of Lincoln’s assassination?

From the rich red carpet and brocade upholstery of the seating...

to the heavy swag draperies of the Presidential Box. 

According to Barb, “It's interesting how much the fabric choices matter in small projects. I tried a gazillion fabrics for this little one.” Visit her post for more thoughts on her design process.

Incidentally, there's a connection between Mary Todd Lincoln and our little community of Batavia, Illinois. Ten years after her husband's assassination, she was deemed mentally unstable and committed to Bellevue Place, a rest home and sanitarium just blocks from my house. Her stay was brief, a mere four months, but long enough for Mrs. Lincoln to earn a prominent spot in local lore.