Saturday, April 8, 2017

Another Year Older

23 February 2017

Dear Barb,

My birthday quilt arrived and I wish you could see the ear to ear grin on my face after tearing through the wrappings. What a happy piece of patchwork to open on a gray February day!

The Log Cabin doll quilt is charming. Such sweet colors! Is there anything better than pink and blue sitting side by side like this? 

Thank you for sharing your last bit of bird toile for the quilt backIt makes an elegant foil to those quirky conversation prints on the front. Baseball players and baby faces ~ Such fun!


Your birthday quilts always take the edge off turning another year older. Thank you for this reminder of our cherished friendship, Barb. I love it, and you too!

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  1. I'm so glad you liked this years offering. this is wonderful post with great photos. I know these take a lot of work and time, so thank you for posting.

  2. Oh My! I went to the link to see my past posts - it was so fun. You have quite a collection now. it was fun to look back.
    You are right, I have made hundreds of small quilts but each one has been fun.