Monday, September 3, 2007

Red Stars

Red Stars
21” x 28”
© Diane Burdin, 1995

Most of these doll quilts haven’t seen the light of day in years. I'm pulling them out to photograph for their blog debut, but then it's back to the cradle where they're stored. It’s a shame really. I just don't have a good way to display them. No matter, it's the making that I enjoy most.

In any new project, the fabrics are what get my creative juices flowing. That windowpane plaid in the border isn't much to look at on its own, but it sent me digging through my fabric stash for every rich red I could find. Pushing the value range from medium to really dark reds, and adding one or two bright ones for sparkle, kept the color scheme from becoming too matchy. 

quilt back

Moda Fabrics came out with beautiful woven plaids and solids in the mid 1990's. The border plaid and drab colored back ground fabric in this quilt may have been my first foray into the homespun collecting craze of that era. Did you collect plaids too?


  1. I love this doll quilt, the reds are beautiful
    I happen to love doll quilts and making them in between big projects for a more instant gratification!
    I love hanging them and using them in our home, some day hope to have a wall just for them!
    you can see some of mine on my blog

  2. I love it! We do live with quilts - like you describe, but there was a definite learning curve for everyone *s*

  3. Well, the red stars are lovely. I hang up my little quilts on a closet door in the hallway. I stick one of those removable stick-on hangers on the door, and put my quilt up with a pants hanger--da da.