Friday, September 7, 2007

Quilt Journals

Forgive me for borrowing a blog topic from Lazy Gal Quilting. A reader asked Tonya if she kept a record of all the quilts she’s made and what kind of information she saved. So, I thought I’d share my method of documenting quilts.

I keep albums for all the quilts I’ve made. There’s one for first quilts, large quilts, doll quilts, and challenges, exchanges and collaborations. I even keep one for family quilts and antiques, including appraisals.

My quilts have been exhibited in guild shows, so over the years I've accumulated a detailed record. Most shows require the name of the quilt, the pattern name, measurements, techniques used to construct the piece, and the date of completion. In addition, they often ask for a blurb telling the story of the quilt, what inspired it, who it was made for, etc. This information is usually compiled in a show program or printed on a card that is displayed with the quilt.

From my very first project, I’ve taken pictures of my work. When the piece is a gift, I also try to get a photo of the recipient. If I have a few fabric scraps left, I’ll save them too.

This may all seem a bit anal retentive, especially when it’s typed up and put in plastic sleeves. But it sure saves time when you have to retrieve the information for a quilt show or blog post.

It’s been fun sharing my albums with family and friends but it will also be of value to my kids someday when I’m not around to tell the story of each quilt.


  1. Oh I don't find your blog boring at all! I love when it comes up on my bloglines and quickly go see what you are showing today and read about the quilt. Love your quilts!
    I love that you have journals for all your quilts, something I wish I would have done.
    guess it is never too late to start.
    keep posting and sharing your work!

  2. those are impressive. I'm envious that you have all that information right there at your fingertips. I have to look in a dozen different places and still can't find/remember all the info

  3. Sounds like a fantastic system for documenting your quilts . . . unlike the haphazardness that goes on around here. Make it, sometimes label it (mostly - not) start using it right away. I have to say blogging has made me much become much better at photographing - I want those photos for my blog. I should try a little harder . . . later *s*

  4. Now this is one of those things I've always intended to do....since more than 30 years ago! (Talk about procrastinating.)
    Maybe reading about your wonderful system will be the nudge I need. Maybe. ;-)
    Thanks for the kind mention.

  5. I love your albums! Yes I know I should do it - but I just never seem to get around to it.....