Monday, July 14, 2008

Wrinkle Free

The creators of Downy Wrinkle Releaser undoubtedly had teenage boys in mind when they invented a product that not only eliminates the need for ironing, but in a pinch, can stand in for laundering as well. When James went off to college, we sent a bottle along with him. Judging by the piles of laundry lying on his dorm room floor, he had ample opportunity to use it.

William just came home from a week at camp. Naturally, the last thing on his mind was the status of his laundry. When he needed a clean uniform for work this morning, I heard him grumbling as he rummaged through closets and dresser drawers, looking for the requisite plain polo shirt. Apparently, the one he found was wrinkled.

First, I heard it…a telltale spritz, spritz, spritz…spritz… spritz, spritzspritz, spritz, spritz…SPRITZ…SPRITZ, SPRITZ, SPRITZ. He must have nailed each individual crease in the shirt!

Then I smelled it: a fresh, clean scent wafting down the stairs. Let’s see, would that be the “light freshness” or the “vibrant freshness“ variety? Actually, it was the nose burning, eye tearing, headache inducing freshness and an hour later, I can still smell it. I wonder what his poor co-workers and customers are experiencing right now!

I give the boy credit for caring about his appearance and smoothing out a wrinkly situation on his own, but I’ve got to introduce him to an iron!


  1. Ahhh - the same theory my Hubby follows . . . if a little's good, a lot must be better *s*

  2. Oh my gosh! YOu have me laughing so hard! Boys are so much different than girls!

  3. So funny!!! Thanks for the laughs....wait, is this a sneek peek in to my future???? AHHHHHHH...

  4. I suppose it beats BO but only just!!! It did make me smile though :o))))

  5. Maybe teach him to tumble the shirt in the dryer with a damp towel and then he will have fewer spritzes to do. At least he solved the problem himself. You have taught him well.