Thursday, December 18, 2008

Scared of Santa

Tis a week before Christmas and the last thing you have time for is looking at other people’s Santa snaps. But bear with me; it’s worth it.

Here I am again (on the right), my 1961 self, waiting demurely for my turn to sit on Santa’s lap and reveal my innermost dreams and desires ~ eeewww, CREEPY! The two kids on the left look just as befuddled and clueless as they did at Halloween. And judging by the smiles and glances exchanged between Santa and the girl on his lap, I’m guessing he just might be her dad. My mischievous brother (second from right), is no doubt preparing to ask Santa for something of which our parents disapprove.

For the past couple years, the Chicago Tribune has run a holiday photo contest asking readers to submit their family’s bad Santa photos. Editors Denise Joyce and Nancy Watkins have compiled 250 snapshots of squirming, shrieking, traumatized tots into a new book, SCARED OF SANTA: Scenes of Terror in Toyland.
Take a few minutes to scroll through these pictures. Quick as a wink, you'll be laughing like the jolly old elf himself!


  1. Great picture of you and your brother and I love your description! I scrolled through some of the pics in your link... very funny!

  2. I love your photo - you're right about the look on your brother's face - and Father Christmas looks a bit mischevious too! I love other people's photos - of people that is - there is so much to see in them!

  3. What a fun picture. I don't think anyone ever thought to take a picture when I visited Santa, but I do have a vintage Christmas morning photo to share soon *s*

  4. Oh my! I totally cracked up. What a great, great share that is.

    I have one of these, I was one of these little babies! Oh man was I a screamer. ;)