Sunday, December 31, 2017

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful!

Happy holidays everyone! I hope this finds you well and looking forward to a brand new year.

For those of you living outside the purple zone on the weather map, it’s bitterly cold here, with single-digit temperatures and double-digit below zero wind chills. That’s breath-taking cold. Bone-chilling cold. FROSTBITE COLD! Jim has kept his "arctic" expeditions to a minimum, braving the elements only to trek down the driveway for mail or to shovel snow. Each time he opens the storm door, it whines in icy protest as if to ask, “Are you sure you want to venture out today?” 

I'm keeping warm under a cozy new quilt that my friend, Mary Conley, gave me for Christmas. "The blocks might look familiar," she whispered, as she placed it in my lap. Indeed they did! They were red and green nine patches I'd abandoned years before when I first started sorting my life into projects worth the energy to complete and those that were not. 

Apparently, Mary saw more potential in my castoffs than I did. She saved them, then stitched them together almost 20 years later, returning them to me as this wonderful finished quilt! 

I like how she set the blocks on point with homespun plaid as the alternate fabric. This layout adds visual interest, particularly where the setting triangles (cut on bias) meet the border (cut on straight of grain). 

Her choice of a swirling, blustery, wind-like quilting design couldn't be more appropriate!

Mary, I'll think of you whenever I use "our" quilt, which here in the purple zone will be just about every night


  1. And a Happy New Year to you, too. Mary turned your blocks into a wonderful lap quilt!

  2. Good for Mary I love to use someone elses left overs as well...being creative..ha...Glad to see you cuddled up in your recliner with a new and special quilt. may 2018 bring good surprises to us all. xoxox

  3. Happy New Year! Your quilt looks great with the homespun fabric. Nice and cozy ;o)

  4. what a wonderful gift for these cold winter days and nights!

  5. what a cozy quilt! and a great friend.
    Happy New year Diane.

  6. Great to see your smile in the pic. I enjoyed your blog but feel I got too much credit for my humble offering. Your description of the snow and cold does you proud... you are such a gifted writer! Hope also to see you soon. Hunker down and stay cozy! Mary